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Completely new to Unity and looking to create your own 2D and 3D video games? Start here.  Unity Game Coding introduces you to the Unity Engine and to the fundamentals of C# programming. The course then dives into developing your first 2D and 3D games. Here you will learn :

  • Master C# concepts such as variables and if statements
  • Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements
  • Create power ups including triple shots, laser beams, speed boosts, and shields
  • Apply shaders that transform your game backgrounds
  • Create enemies with basic AI behavior
  • Collect and destroy game objects

The Structure of 3D Game Programming Class :

  • Ages  : 17+nMeeting  : 24 weekly classesnPeriod  : 6 monthnDuration   : 90 minutesnClass Size  : 2 to 4 studentsn

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About Koding Akademi

Located in central area of Denpasar, Bali, Koding Akademi (Bali Coding Club) is the first and biggest Robotics and Coding Center in Bali. Our vision are teaching Robotics and Coding for all ages.

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