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Basic App Development


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Basic App Development with App Inventor is a starter course for you that want to build your own android apps – without the complicated coding normally required.

The Structure :

Meeting: 12 weekly classes
Period  : 3 months
Duration: 90 minutes
Class Size: 2 to 4 students

Target Age :

8-25 Years old
Everyone who wants to create Android applications without coding experience.
Everyone who has a great idea for an Android application that they want to see come to life.
Everyone who wants to learn the basics of programming in a fun and practical way.

Price : IDR 400.000 / month  (4 x Meetings)


MIT App Inventor is a web application integrated development environment originally provided by Google and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It allows newcomers to computer programming to create application software(apps) for two operating systems (OS): Android, and iOS, which, as of 8 July 2019, are in final beta testing. It is free and open-source software released under dual licensing: a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, and an Apache License 2.0 for the source code.

It uses a graphical user interface (GUI) very similar to the programming languages Scratch (programming language) and the StarLogo, which allows users to drag and drop visual objects to create an application that can run on Android devices, while an App-Inventor Companion (The program that allows the app to run and debug on) that works on iOS running devices are still under development. In creating App Inventor, Google drew upon significant prior research in educational computing, and work done within Google on online development environments.

App Inventor and the other projects are based on and informed by constructionist learning theories, which emphasize that programming can be a vehicle for engaging powerful ideas through active learning. As such, it is part of an ongoing movement in computers and education that began with the work of Seymour Papert and the MIT Logo Group in the 1960s and has also manifested itself with Mitchel Resnick’s work on Lego Mindstorms and StarLogo.

App Inventor also supports the use of cloud data via an experimental Firebase#Firebase Realtime Database component.

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